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Pricing Index

The price index below is from The Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook “Pricing and Ethical Guidelines.” These are their suggested prices for new commissions with a one-time use. With the exception of editorial, I offer an exclusive and unlimited license for one year on new commissions, the image is yours to use for a year in any way or media. I do this to reduce negotiating so we can get straight to work.

Relicensing is determined on use and circulation at approximately 70% of new commission prices.

  • Editorial
  • 500-1000

    Spot - Full Page
  • Brochures and Collateral
  • 2000-12000

  • Editorial
  • 1100-7500

    Two Pages - Cover
  • Annual Reports
  • 2500-18000

    Interior - Cover
  • Brochures and Collateral
  • 900-4500

    Interior Pages
  • Advertising
  • 2500-30000

    Depending on Use/ Circulation

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Gallery Work


Current Series

The Beaded Curtain:

Explores the hidden areas in human psychology and identifies repressed secrets, private thoughts and public misnomers. Because there are things I have yet to realize about myself, this series uses a number system instead of titles. The anonymous nature of numbers leaves the paintings open to narrative interpretation.

New Series Coming Soon

It was never Eden:

The construct of a perfect paradise is a misnomer, and a misleading ideal that never was as it seemed. A paradise with restrictions and penalties simply cannot exist. — This series is a satirical commentary on the social and religious behaviors that most of us cling to in order to maintain a civilized and structured society.

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