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Celebrating 22 Years.

Jorge Arturo Valero, Mexican Artist, b. 1967

Brief History

I was born in Mexico City and came to the United States in 1972. I developed a fascination for Art at an early age and at 12, was asked attended studio classes at Lock Haven University. Unfortunately, this only lasted 2 years and I am self taught otherwise.

In 1989 I moved close to NYC to grow as an artist. In 1995 I turned to Illustration and was published by the Washington Post a year later and became a weekly regular with the LA Times. I have since worked with hundreds of mainstream newspapers and magazines. The kind of conceptual work I do is typically suited for editorial content. But, I quickly discovered that this kind of visual problem solving works well in many other areas from, corporate publications and institutional material to advertising on a lot of levels. I have been published in Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, Australia, China and throughout the United States.

Clients include: The U.S. Post Office, TIME Magazine, Prudential, GTE, LA Times, Detroit Free Press, The Washington Post, Miami New Times, Dow Jones and Co., Foreign Service Journal, Governing, American Banker, Datamation, Globe Communications, Metropolis Corp, American Prospect, Kiwanis, Cahners Publishing, McMurry Publishing, Computer World, Net Guide, Network World, Fallon Health Care Systems, Interactive week, Remedy Magazine, NYU Magazine, MKW Advertising, CMP Media, Kirchoff Wohlberg, Liebchen and Liebchen, Helsinki Design Media, Pro-Assurance, The Hartford Courant, Boston College, Berkley Law, Chronicle of Higher Education, Northeastern University Magazine, Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Saint Mary’s College, Booz-Allen, Big City Brand Co., Corporation Design, Curran Connors, Maiden RE, Hermes, Highbridge Voices, IBM Systems Magazine, Journalism Review, Intelligent Enterprise Management, Strang Communications, Shostak Studios, Saint-Gobain Corp Creative Services, Psychotherapy Networker Magazine, Reed Business Logistics Management, Nursing Management Magazine, Nursing 400, New Times, News 400, Massachusetts Directory TPG Creative, Mail Fulfillment Services Association, Information Week, INC Publishing, Health IT, e-Commerce, Electronic Business, Chronic Pain Perspectives, Corporate Dealmaker, Bussolati, ASCA, Alegro Designs, Mercer, Columbia Business School, ASAE, Financial Times, Latin Grammy Awards, National Assoc. of Realty, The Catholic Health Association, Grayton Group, United Airlines, 4Seasons/ American Express and others.

Corporate, Institutional & Advertising

Multi-Theme vs. Singular Concepts
Most of the time, a singular and thoughtful concept is all that’s needed to communicate the right message, but finding one iconic image to solve many problem is challenging.  Boiling down a large amount of information into one image is not easy, and not always possible.
Depending on the complexity of your project, sometimes a singular concept is just not enough. If it has many moving parts or different departments to represent, you will want to consider a multi-theme solution, and it’s very flexibility. Multi-theme illustrations make fascinating covers and can also be divided into several smaller Illustrations for interior pages, spots and icons. These type of illustrations combine multiple concepts into one finished piece and become an interesting world of busy little people achieving their goals. On the other hand, single concepts work great for less complex projects that have one goal and a specific target.
New commissions for Corporate, Institutional & Advertising include a one year, unlimited and exclusive license. You can use the illustration in any way or media and it won’t be used anywhere else during this time.

Book & Poster

Engaging, thought provoking and whimsical. Conceptual illustration is the perfect choice for book covers. – Books are indeed judged by their covers and the image needs to draw a lot of attention. The image needs to capture the essence of the book but also entice the reader to pull it off the shelf – selecting it from hundreds of other books in the same genre.
Posters are about image, and the image we want to project about ourselves when we hang them on a wall. Wether it’s a psychological metaphor, a celebrity or a trending TV show, posters are specifically designed to make a personal statement.
Book and poster art is painted at poster size and professionally photographed to your specifications.


My favorite kind of work is still editorial, mainly because of the fast pace and freedom that is inherit to quick turn around times and subject matter. Editorial gives me the freedom to let my imagination go wild.
I have produced over 500 editorial pieces, ranging in everything from security to technology to school programs and even genetically engineered pigs. If I could remember everything I’ve read in the last 22 years, I would be the all time Jeopardy champ.
Turn around time for editorial is typically 3-7 days, depending on sketch approval and complexity. – View portfolio samples.

I want to be certain we are on the same page. We’ll go over multiple ideas and thumbnails to make sure the image is communicating the right message.

Finished Artwork

Typically, my work is acrylic on 300lb. cold press paper at approximately 9×12 unless it’s for Books or Posters, which is 24×36, oil on canvas.


Small paintings are scanned at 350dpi. Large paintings are professionally photographed and converted to digital files, emailed or uploaded to your FTP.

Gallery Work


Current Series

The Beaded Curtain:

Explores the hidden areas in human psychology and identifies repressed secrets, private thoughts and public misnomers. Because there are things I have yet to realize about myself, this series uses a number system instead of titles. The anonymous nature of numbers leaves the paintings open to narrative interpretation.

New Series Coming Soon

It was never Eden:

The construct of a perfect paradise is a misnomer, and a misleading ideal that never was as it seemed. A paradise with restrictions and penalties simply cannot exist. — This series is a satirical commentary on the social and religious behaviors that most of us cling to in order to maintain a civilized and structured society.

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